Short Sales

We will guarantee at least $3,000 in Relocation Money to you at the completion of the sale.

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Marc Dosik is one of DC's most experienced short sale brokers.

Since 1996, Marc has expertly brokered over 130 short sales in the Washington, DC metro area. He and his network of attorneys and short sale negotiators mediate the best settlement for the client, every time.

If you're a struggling homeowner with negative equity and you need to sell your home, it is imperative to start the short sale process early to avoid foreclosure proceedings.

Short sales can be complex and time consuming, and it’s crucial to hire a qualified short sale agent to represent you. Marc and his team will go to bat for you and negotiate a settlement that ensures you don’t pay a dime out-of-pocket.

There is no cost to hire the Fed City Team or the short sale negotiator who will represent you. Their fees are ultimately paid for by your lender and the sale of your home.

All short sales are unique, but fairly routine transactions. They get you out of a house you can’t afford and offer a shorter runway back into good credit. The key is early intervention and the right team on your side.

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Home owners who need to short sale their home will receive $3,000 or more cash-in-pocket for relocation costs. No repayment necessary!

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