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1031 Exchanges in DC

The IRS allows real estate investors to defer capital gains tax when they sell a property by performing a 1031 exchange.

These “like-kind” exchanges enable investment property owners to reinvest 100% of sale proceeds without incurring a bill from Uncle Sam - making 1031s one of the best ways for a non-occupant homeowner to build wealth.

However, the 1031 process can be complex and carry inherent risks. One misstep can turn into a multi-thousand-dollar tax liability and reduced earnings on your next investment property.

The Fed City Team has handled dozens of 1031s in and around the DC area. We understand the fragility and aggressiveness of the timeline and have affiliated with 1031 Specialists to help you navigate the process.

Before you sell then buy your next investment property, call the Fed City Team today and learn how we can help you save thousands of dollars with a 1031 exchange.

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Real estate investors can continuously 1031 properties - never paying a dime in capital gains tax until they (or their heirs) decide to sell outright.