Interior design and staging trends of 2021

open concept kitchen/living room interior

After a whirlwind year of 2020, the world is starting to open back up in 2021 and the housing market is booming!

If you’re looking to give your house a refresh or interested in selling your property and want prospective buyers to fall in love with your home, here are some tips and trends we’re seeing for 2021:

Maximize Natural Light
While we’ve been stuck inside for the majority of 2020, bringing natural light into your home will give you a boost of serotonin. Heavy blinds and curtains are out as we welcome the light in!

According to experts, plants are the new pets! Plants represent life and brighten up any room.  We are seeing house plants in decorative planters and vases that compliment your home decor and bring joy to your living space.

Natural and Neutral
Along with plants, natural elements in the home are very in. Raw wood mixed with earthy neutral tones bring a welcoming vibe to any room. Incorporate some texture into your space with woven baskets, wood furniture, and leather pillows.

Pop of Color
With your neutral palette, show your home’s personality with a pop of color. This can be seen through an accent wall, piece of furniture, or small decor pieces throughout the space.

Decorative Lighting
Bring the focal point of any room towards the ceiling by adding in some fun lighting pieces to make any room look bigger and brighter. Just like a pop of color, light fixtures can act as the statement piece in any room.

Layering Patterns
Mixing and matching patterns that go together is a big trend we’ll be seeing this year. Get creative with different patterns with decor items like pillows, throw blankets, and more to create the perfect balance.

Home Office
Most people are still working from home with some planning to never return to the office. Showcase how you can transform your space into a home office where prospective buyers can see themselves setting up the perfect workspace in their new home.

Highlight Outdoor Space
Just like a home office, outdoor space has been a huge trend on the rise for prospective homeowners. Show off your outdoor space, even if it’s just a small balcony, and create an oasis at home.

If you are thinking about selling your home and are interested in speaking to someone about how to upgrade your space, our team is here for you! We work with many trained professionals who can transform your property into another person’s dream home through staging and upgrades to modernize your home and maximize the value.

About the Author
Marc Dosik
Marc is the Associate Broker and primary decision-maker for Fed City Team. He's lived in the Washington DC metro area all his life and has been a licensed broker since 1998. Marc knows and understands the DC area market and specializes in contracts, negotiation tactics, grant programs for home buyers, short sales and foreclosures, and 1031 Exchanges.

If you’re selling in, or relocating to the DC area, contact the Fed City Team today.